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Decals are one of the first parts on any old, vintage BMX bike to be damaged or deteriorate. Finding new old stock decals for many brands and models is impossible. The only way to complete many BMX bike restorations is to re-draw and print a new set of decals. Take a look through all of the decal sets we have re-created. View all our full decals sticker sets and parts decals or shop by BMX brand.

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Restored Rides

As kids our bikes were more than just a way to get around. For some the brand they rode meant everything, for others, customising your BMX was an expression of individuality. Restoring and re-building old BMX bikes almost always starts with re-creating a childhood memory - or a version of - but it's also our chance to re-live the past and own that dream bike we never had. Below is a gallery of our recently restored BMX bikes - the ones we never owned back in the day.

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Re-Rides BMX Parts

BMX Parts

Looking for a part to finish off your own BMX restoration? We sell new old stock, used and refurbished BMX parts from the 70's, 80's and 90s old-school and mid-school eras. See what's in stock right now.

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Re-Rides BMX Blog

Re-rides Blog

News and info about our new replacement decal sets, BMX parts, BMX builds and restorations. You'll also find our most polular posts on how to read Mongoose BMX serial numbers, GT BMX Serial numbers and Redline BMX serial numbers. Plus loads more posts too.

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